Volume Pills Review – Longer, Wetter & More Intense Orgasms

Has your sex life gone from oohs and aahs to blah? It’s a more common problem than you might think. And until now, the answer might have involved doctor visits, co-pays, nasty side effects, or invasive surgery. But there may be a completely natural option that offers some pretty impressive benefits.

If you are looking for a little more ‘oomph’ in the bedroom, Volume Pills might be just what you need. At Leading Edge Health, researchers claim to have designed a combination of trusted all-natural ingredients and the latest in cutting edge science to bring you explosive performance and impressive finishes that will wow any partner.


Before we get into the advantages of this male enhancement pill might bring, we’ll need to learn everything there is to know about it. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect of Volume Pills to find out if they could be the solution for you.

What Are Volume Pills And What Can They Do For You?

If you’ve ever wanted to perform like a porn star, Volume Pills was created to get you there. This incredible formula is designed with ingredients rarely seen in other semen enhancers, and they have been shown to work on your whole reproductive system to increase sperm count, motility and semen volume.1

This starts with not just getting you revved up so you are thinking about sex more, getting better erections and better sexual results, but goes all the way to having a spectacular big bang at the end. Volume Pills unique recipe can help give you:

  • Bigger, stronger, longer erections
  • Higher sex drive
  • More testosterone
  • Improved fertility
  • Up to 500% more cum
  • Intense orgasms

All of these pleasurable benefits for you – and your partner – can come from only one unique formula. Whether you are older and looking to get back to your youthful vigor, or you are dealing with any form of erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, or fertility problems, Volume Pills are designed to be the all-natural way to bring the magic back to your sex life.

The Science Behind Volume Pills

One of the best things about improving the volume of semen produced is that you end up with bigger, more intense orgasms. But how, exactly, does that happen?

If you think about the mechanics of orgasm, it’s easy to understand why more seminal fluid would produce a longer orgasm. Volume Pills™ work by optimizing blood flow, dilating blood vessels, and getting more oxygen-rich blood to the erectile tissue.2 This allows penile muscles to contract more forcefully and more often. The end result? More powerful erections and better orgasms.

And that’s not the only benefit.

Volume Pills™ formula works on the whole reproductive system and your overall levels of health. Several ingredients work to boost mood and lower anxiety, and to regulate bodily processes like thyroid and metabolic functions. Less stress can naturally lead to higher libido. And especially when combined with the aphrodisiac ingredients that will have you thinking about sex more often, your erection quality and control will be improved.

Volume Pills: Ingredients

volume pills ingredients

The distinctive ingredients in Volume Pills are not likely to be found in other volume enhancers on the market. The proprietary blend is an impressive roster of herbs, extracts, minerals, and compounds – many of which have been used for centuries to improve male performance and sexual health. All of them are included because they are proven safe and effective.

Let’s take a closer look at the Volume Pills™ formula and what each ingredient does.


The proprietary compound called Solidilin helps to increase overall sexual desire and health. Solidilin includes L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine, which is known as the neurotransmitter that increases pleasure.3 Several studies have shown that this ingredient is very effective in increasing libido and sexual satisfaction.

Xi Lam Rou Gi and Hong Hua Fen

Increasing blood flow and opening blood vessels is an important function to improve erections and ejaculation, and both of these ingredients accomplish that. Vasodilators from plant components like these make erections harder and stronger.4

San Guo Mu

This herb helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure, which contributes to an overall healthy cardiovascular system and is thus beneficial to your overall health. It has some impressive benefits for your sexual health too. You’ll see better performance as well as have the ability to control ejaculations and avoid finishing too soon.

Dong Chong Xia Cao

Also called caterpillar fungus, this ingredient is a well-regarded medicinal fungus found in the alpine regions of Tibet. The use of this ingredient showed that plasma testosterone was increased in several studies. By increasing low-T levels, all aspects of sexual health are increased including desire, performance, sperm and erection quality.

Zinc Oxide

Zinc is commonly known to be helpful in the bedroom. In fact, it’s one of the only ingredients in the Volume Pills formula that can be found in other volume enhancers. This specific form of zinc is included because it has proven helpful for increasing the libido as well as improving sperm count and motility because it aids in testosterone production.5

Ling Zhi

Sometimes known as the Reishi mushroom, this extract is a unique ingredient common in traditional Chinese medicine that has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic benefits.6 In addition, it boosts mood and energy, all of which relates to stamina and virility in the bedroom.

Xian Mao

Sometimes known as Curculigo, this superstar ingredient is a type of grass native to East Asia that has been used for ages by both Chinese and Ayurvedic health practitioners to treat a range of conditions. Included because it is comparable to a natural Viagra, Xian Mao has been proven effective in more than one study.7

Tian Men Dong

Tian Men Dong is also known as wild or Chinese asparagus, and the roots are considered some of the most valued tonics in Chinese medicine. The powerful effects of this form of asparagus are not just effective for libido and erection strength.8 It is also known to decrease anxiety, improve mood, and even help with sleep quality.


This extract contains an amino acid which promotes nitric oxide production, a powerful vasodilator. Vasodilators make blood vessels get bigger, meaning an increase in blood flow to the penis for stronger erections. It also contains protodioscin, which helps boost testosterone by raising levels of luteinizing hormones.

Fucus Vesiculosus

The compounds in this seaweed can be used to treat thyroid-related issues like extra weight and exhaustion. Fucus Vesiculosus also reduces lipids in the blood and improves metabolism, both of which contribute to sexual health and higher quality erections.

How Do Volume Pills Work?

how does volume pills work

All-natural supplementation is not an overnight fix. It takes time for Volume Pills to create the full range of effects on hormonal and reproductive processes. And by optimizing your health naturally, the low and slow principle applies – so you’ll see changes over time that add up to big differences.

How Long Will It Take to See Results from Volume Pills?

Volume Pills are an all-natural supplement that produces long-lasting results. Rather than a quick fix, you can expect Volume Pills to take some time to build within the system. Most guys will generally start to see results in about 2-3 weeks, with gradual improvement thereafter. Optimal outcomes can be seen anywhere from 60-90 days, depending on your individual circumstances.

What About Long Term Usage and Safety?

Because Volume Pills are proven to be effective, and an all-natural formulation with no adverse side effects, they are definitely safe. And since they work to promote your sexual health over time, you can be confident that you can take them long term with no worries. Of course, you should confirm with your doctor about possible interactions with other medications or supplements.

Long term use is not just safe, it’s the only way to support and maintain the unbelievable benefits of this unique formula. Once you’ve peaked, Volume Pills will continue to work as long as you keep taking them. There are no harsh chemicals, and results won’t diminish even with long-term use. If you’re looking for an instant fix for your problems, Volume Pills might not be your best bet. But, if you want to improve your sex life for the long haul, keep reading.

How Do You Take Volume Pills?

Volume Pills are pretty each to take. Just take two pills once-daily, and wait. Some guys opt to up their dosage to two times a day during the initial weeks, but it’s generally not necessary after the first month.

Once you know how impressive your cum shots can look and feel, you’ll definitely be motivated to continue on a maintenance regimen. And Leading Edge Health has a pricing structure that will support that, with increasing discounts for larger purchases. In fact, a 3-month order saves you nearly 20%, and a 12-month order of Volume Pills will save you over 50% of the cost per month.

Absolutely nothing feels better than an explosive climax. So if you want better orgasms and are also looking to invest in your overall vitality and performance, this product delivers in the bedroom – and in your life. And those are benefits you won’t want to give up anytime soon.

Pros And Cons

Of course, there are pros and cons to any supplement regimen. Let’s look at a few of those for Volume Pills:


  • All-natural, clinically proven ingredients
  • No prescription so no nasty side effects
  • No funky gadgets or invasive surgeries
  • Improves overall reproductive health
  • Convenient and discreet
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Must purchase online
  • Can be more costly than other volume enhancers
  • Must invest in use over time to see continued results

Basically, as long as you have the funds – and internet access to order – the upsides obviously outweigh the potential drawbacks. If you want to have a spectacular finish – and better reproductive health from a completely natural source, look no further than Volume Pills.

Where To Purchase Volume Pills

Many supplements like Volume Pills are available all over the web, but there are loads of scammers and counterfeiters out there who would love to take your money and give you a fake product in return. That’s why the best place to purchase the most effective volume enhancer on the market is directly through the manufacturer, Leading Edge Health.

Ordering directly from the manufacturer not only ensures you are getting the genuine product, but it’s also the only way to be sure your results are covered by their 67-day money-back guarantee. Which means if you are unhappy for any reason, just return any unused product in the original container to get 100% of your money back, minus shipping and handling.

Are Volume Pills Right for You?

Some guys, no matter what their age, could use a little boost in the bedroom. Semen and testosterone production naturally decreases as men get older, so even previously healthy outputs can turn less impressive with age. If that describes you, you’re not alone.

This incredibly unique formula of proven, natural ingredients in Volume Pills was developed specifically to give you more sex drive, more control and bigger, healthier loads. So if your happy endings have been a little less than happy, or your sex life a little less than totally satisfying, Volume Pills is what you need to bring the magic back to your sex life.

From beginning to end, your sex life will be changed for the better. More sexual desire spurred on by increased testosterone will get you in bed more often and will drive your partner wild while she’s there. Best of all, you’ll finish with a money shot worthy of the movies – an orgasm that not only looks but feels over-the-top incredible. Plus, with the risk-free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose!



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